Pioneer FTC Robotics — Building robots, having fun


How many students are on each team?
We limit each team to a maximum of 10, to ensure that students all have an oportunity to be involved.
Where do you meet?
We meet at the Canton High School CV Hall (near the auto shop on the south side of the building). We are very fortunate to have the strong support of Lightning Robotics, both from student and faculty members who come to every meeting to help us.
How much does it cost?
$100 per year, plus $10 for a tee-shirt
What sort of robots do you actually build?
Mechanically we use a system called tetrix, which is sort of like a heavy duty erector set. Electrically there are a set of modules from Modern Robotics, which provide a USB bridge to from our motors, sensors, and servos to our control system, which is an Android phone. The kids are supplied with a basic android project, which does nothing, but provides a set of call backs during the match to which they then implement for autonomous and teleoperated portions of the match.
What is this year's challenge?
We don't know yet, we will find out on 10 Sept 2016.
My daughter does not know java, can she still join the team?
Of course! We are not recruiting only kids who already know how to do everything (although they are welcome too). The goal is to learn together, the mentors will do their very best to instruct everyone on the team who is interested in all the various subsystems that incorporate the robot build.
Is there room for my daughter on your team?
Hard to say, I sure hope so. If at least two parents volunteer to manage teams we will have two teams, if not I will only run one team, which will be very limiting.