Managers & Mentors

Pioneer FTC Robotics — Building robots, having fun


Managing our teams can be a thankless job (but I promise to thank you regularly). This is a non-technical position. You would be at every meeting (or find a substitute). Where you would take attendance, help keep everyone on task, assist students individually as they write their daily lessons learned for the engineering notebook. You would also assist in handling tee-shirt and buttons for the marketing arm of your team.


  • Be at every meeting and the competition
  • Take attendance
  • Collect forms and money
  • Team treasurer
  • Assist with tee-shirt orders
  • Assist with engineering notebook (kids will provide material, but you need to check that they actually did it)
  • Assist with food order for competitions
  • Kid wrangling


We are very fortunate to have a large group of junior mentors from the high school team. That said adults with technical backgrounds who are willing and able are always welcome.

The primary role of a mentor on this team is to teach and to facilitate. Due to Pioneer Robotic’s size and current resources, some activities must be done by Mentors. Though, if time permits, our rule of thumb is – if a student can perform a task let them do it, but if they can’t, then teach or train them. Some activities such as machinery operations must be done by mentors or other outside source and remain the ultimate responsibility of the mentor team. Mentoring provides the opportunity to share bits and pieces of knowledge and experience that each has gained through life. It also provides an excellent opportunity to improve skills, learn new things, and be challenged. An excellent mentoring guide can be found at the FIRST Robotics website.


  • Attend every meeting and the competition
  • Kid wrangling
  • Assist with engineering notebook
  • Provide technical assistance in one or both of the following areas
    • Mechanical design and construction
    • Programming