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Pioneer FTC Robotics — Building robots, having fun

Student Expectations

Involvement with Pioneer Robotics provides excellent opportunities for higher learning. Being a team member also provides an excellent addition to college applications as well as resumes. The FIRST organization provides many joint scholarship opportunities for interested students. This is a student driven program that teaches the students to be innovative, think for themselves, and problem solve. Each student is recommended to have and maintain a notebook for notes, brainstorming, sketches, pens, pencils etc. at all meetings.

The FIRST robotics program is rigorous and requires an extensive time commitment. Students who are not able to commit multiple hours at least twice a week are unfortunately not able to participate. However, it is understood that other life, illnesses and other commitments do occur. Students are expected to attend all planned meetings and all competitions. Attendance will be taken at each meeting. Absences should be reported to your team leader as soon as possible.

To be able to participate in competitions as well as special team events, students must exhibit a fair level of team involvement. Just coming to meetings is not enough.

Some examples of positive team involvement are as follows:

  • Obtaining personal goals and objectives
  • Helping with team fund raising activities
  • Undertaking responsibilities and following through with them


Pioneer Robotics promotes strong academics; therefore, it is important for students to maintain academic excellence. In all situations school comes before robotics, and, at the discretion of the Team Leaders, poor academic achievement can result in the student leaving the team.

It is our sincere desire to allow every student to join the team; however, there are limitations. Acceptance on the team is handled in a first come, first serve basis; however, we maintain separate pools for grade levels and make allowances for student's whose parents commit to being team managers and mentors.

Financial / Fundraising

Students will be required to pay for various expenses. Total travel costs to an out of state competition generally range from $300 ­ $400 per student, depending on location and travel arrangements. Several fund raising activities will occur throughout the year. Each team member will also be expected to pay an annual fee to cover the costs of their involvement. Dues of $100 are due by September 15. If this proves to be a financial hardship, please contact the lead mentor as assistance can be provided. Unpaid dues will lead to dismissal from the team.

Registration Forms

Still with us? Find below forms you can either fill out and email to the team or bring to our parent meeting at the beginning of the school year.