Pioneer FTC Robotics — Building robots, having fun


The responsibility of safety lies with each and every member of Pioneer Robotics. Each team member is required to abide by the safety practices of all mentor facilities. Safety is the number one priority of Pioneer Robotics. Almost all aspects of the project involve the use of tools and equipment that are potentially dangerous if not used properly. As a member of Pioneer Robotics, you will need to understand that safety is your number one priority. It should be understood that the Student Members of Pioneer Robotics are viewed by the Mentor Team as young adults, acting much like employees of an organization. It is important to maintain a positive image to our community, sponsors and FIRST, and this begins with safety. All Pioneer Robotics members must know and demonstrate safe and professional behavior wherever the team conducts its business.

At no time will any student be put into a one-on-one situation with any adult or in any situation where the student feels uncomfortable or threatened. If a student ever feels uncomfortable with anyone on the team, including other students, mentors, parents or teachers, he or she has the right to bring the issue to any responsible adult on the team.

General Tool Usage

The use of tools is a necessity for most members of the team. Tools should always be used in a safe manner. Only adequately trained team members may use tools – no exceptions. Always remember that tool usage is a privilege and not a right, so use them responsibly. Talking to a mentor before using a tool is required.

Power Tool Usage

General tool rules also apply to power tools, with the except that power tools are only allowed to be used with direct permission and supervision of adult mentors.

Emergency Situations

In the case of an emergency: find the nearest Mentor, tell them who and where you are and follow their instructions. For all severe medical emergencies as required dial 911 first. Go to a mentor immediately and inform them of the situation.